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6 Reasons to go solar in Alberta!

Updated: Apr 22

Alberta is one of the largest and sunniest provinces in Canada, making it a prime location for solar energy development. Whether you have a financial drive to go solar, or an environmental one, these tips could help you decide if it is time to take the plunge into energy independence.

In this blog, we will provide tips and explore the various solar incentives available to us, and how they can benefit individuals looking to make the switch to solar. I will discuss them in the order of operation you will encounter them on your solar journey.

Reason #1 - Canada Greener Homes Grant!

The Canada Greener Homes Grant provides $1 per watt up to a maximum of $5000. I typically recommend if home owners are on the fence about solar, to just go with a system size of 5kW in order to maximize this grant amount and get the quickest payback.

What's the catch?!

Your home must first be energy assessed in order to be eligible for both the grant and loan. This includes a pre, and post assessment. The cost of this energy assessment is typically $700 and gets partially refunded after the successful completion of your solar.

Reason #2 - Canada Greener Homes Loan!

The Canada Greener Homes Loan offers a 0% interest loan over the span of 10 years. This incentive helps enable the adoption of solar energy for all eligible homeowners.

Think of this as your first step in owning your power, rather than renting it. Most payback periods are around 8-10 years and once your loan is paid in full. The energy generated from your system will continue to generate revenue for another 15 years!

For example: If you were to borrow $25000 - Monthly payments would be roughly $208 per month.

($25,000/120 months) Want to find out if you are eligible?

Reason #3 - Upgrade your old electrical panel!

Yes you can also include this upgrade in your solar installation. If you have a federal pioneer electrical panel, it is time to get rid of it! Please note that to upgrade from a 100amp service to a 200amp service is recommended to first speak with your wire lines provider in order to get an estimate for their portion of the upgrade from your electrical meter to the transformer.

Reason #4 - Become a Micro-Generator!

In order to become a micro-generator and be able to sell the power you generate back to the grid, you first need permission. Don't worry, you don't actually need to understand how this works. Most solar installation companies will take care of this step without you even noticing!

Reason #5 - Join a Solar Club!

The Solar Club is a program that improves the amount of credit you receive when selling back to the grid during those summer months where you are over producing! Now many people are unaware, but just because your wire line owner is ENMAX, FORTIS, or EPCOR, it doesn't mean that you need to purchase power from them!

If your solar design takes care of 100% of your homes consumption, you will have a projected energy graph that looks something like the one below.

  • Yellow: The solar energy generated by your solar.

  • Orange: The energy consumption of your home.

Switch your energy provider twice per year. There are no penalties.

This allows you to collect "high electricity rate" from about March/April to September/October, then switch back to the "low electricity rate" during the remainer of the year. All you need is 10 days notice.

Please note that if you haven't offset over 80% of your energy consumption, the Solar Club may not be the right decision for you.

Tip #6 - Referrals!

Talk about it and get paid! Referrals are a powerful tool used to grow a customer base. They encourage satisfied customers to recommend the service to a friend or family member.

Who doesn't like saving money? Most solar installation companies will provide you with a one time payment just for connecting you with someone who makes a commitment to go solar. These payments could be upwards of $300-$500.

A great time to make the switch!

Whether your reason to go solar is a financial one, or an environmental one. These tips could help you make that final decision. Going solar is a smart investment that not only benefits you, but our planet as well.

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